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Enjoy our collection of Teas from Wright Tea

With Wright Tea, you can enjoy a selection of original teas, ranging from classic to rare varieties, including green, black, Rooibos, Oolong, and herbal. Our teas are carefully selected from all corners of the world and harvested following the purest traditions to guarantee exceptional quality.

We at Wright Tea are masters at creating magical moments with our unique tea collections such as 1001 Nights, Heritage, and Escapade. Travel to the Cherifian Kingdom with Vallée des Roses tea, explore the mysterious East with Elixir tea, or discover the world with teas like Key West or Cité Interdite.

Our refined tea ceremonies pay tribute to the famous British silversmith Richard Wright, who, in the 19th century, was the first to provide all the silverware required for tea in the salons of affluent Moroccan families. His work was inspired by the purest English tradition and combined with the unique expertise of Moroccan craftsmen.

At Wright Tea, we also offer solutions for business and international markets. Whether you want to set up a luxurious tea bar in your hotel or restaurant or create an in-house Wright Tea room for your guests to enjoy our unique teas, we provide customized solutions that meet all your needs.